Addinol 10W40 S. Syn SL/CF

Product description

ADDINOL Semi Synth 1040 is a fuel-saving, semi-synthetic fuel-economy oil in SAE-grade 10W-40.

The combination of high quality mineral oil raffinates and synthetic base oils with a modern additivation ensures outstanding engine cleanliness as well as excellent corrosion and wear protection.



  • Highly suited for passenger cars and transporters with gasoline or diesel engines with regard to the instruction manual
  • In particularfor for turbo engines, multi-valve technology, catalytic converters and common rail injection technology

Not suitable for diesel particulate filters!



  • Outstanding flowability at low temperatures
  • Low evaporation loss
  • Excellent wear protection properties
  • Good dispersing ability
  • Very good compatibility with elastomers
  • Low emission caused by the lubricant



  • Minimal cold-start wear due to the outstanding flowability at low temperatures
  • Fuel- and oil-saving
  • Maximum protection and long lifetime of the engine
  • Very good cleaning effect guarantees a long lifetime of all components to be lubricated
  • Improved protection against leakages
  • Good environmental behaviour