For over 80 years, ADDINOL has been developing high-performance lubricants and producing them at its head office in Germany.

Made in Germany:
All ADDINOL products are produced, filled, packaged, stored and shipped throughout the world from the chemicals industry town of Leuna, Central Germany. In one of the most modern lubricating oil factories in Europe, ADDINOL produces quality lubricants "Made in Germany".
Thanks to the knowledge of Addinol chemists and engineers, they have a direct influence on the function and efficiency of the lubricated components, making them leading high-performance lubricants with added value for Addinol customers.

Our certified environmental management system combines economic, ecological and social objectives. The major concern of the environmental management system of the ADDINOL Lube Oil GmbH is the improvement of the environmental performance of our company with regard to:

  • the development of highly innovative, environment friendly products
  • the economical use of raw materials and natural resources
  • the environment friendly product and waste management

Food Grade certificate:
The production, handling, packaging and storage of food grade lubricants is certified by QMSI Quality Management Systems International GmbH according to DIN EN ISO 21469: 2006. It applies to lubricants that are used in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industry and when product contact can not be foreseen.
All lubricants, greases and sprays of the ADDINOL FoodProof series are NSF-H1 certified, currently the most important international classification of food grade lubricants.

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